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Watch hilarious videos of Hershel "Rabbs" Remer, a.k.a. Rabbi Rabbs !!

Above is the highlight of episode 1 of the show "Banzai". Six million viewers watched the segment when it aired on Fox in 2003, and it co-stars America's Favorite Rabbi Comic.

Rabbs plays two roles in West Bank Story, which won the Academy Award in 2007 for Best Live-Action Short Film. He only appears in the movie for a few seconds, but at least Rabbi Hershel is listed in IMDB with Oscar credits.

Those are excerpts from a made for TV documentary about Rabbs in his early years of stand-up comedy. It was filmed in 2002, long before anyone ever heard of Matisyahu, and some sound quality was lost when transferred to digital.

That is footage never shown before, filmed at a live show of Rabbi Rabbs performing at the Irvine Improv in 2002, and some sound quality was lost when transferred to digital. Possibly the most unique and original three minutes you will ever watch on YouTube.

Rabbs makes his long-awaited debut to YouTube with brand new epic videos, including footage from his live performances, G-d willing every Monday this Fall. The first episode features amazing excerpts from the documentary about Rabbs called, Un-Orthodox . Watch the sneak preview above and be sure to subscribe to Rabbs' YouTube channel to catch all of the action.

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