Here is a quick awk reference file.

That was provided by Mark Gordon, the speaker. The highlight of Mark's presentation was when he demonstrated and compared two similar scripts, one written in nawk and one in perl:

Here is the nawk script. Here is the perl script.

( The instructions on how to run them are included in the commented areas at the top of each script )

Mark provided two data files. Here is the first file, called "approved" , which contains a list of 569 approved applications.

Here is the second file, "inv.txt" , contains a sample listing of computer names, applications installed, versions, and their file paths -- 6875 entries in all.

The assignment was to produce a list of "approved" apps from amongst those 6875. (ie) which of those 6875 also are listed amongst the 569.

The nawk and perl scripts each created an associative array/hash using the application name as a key name.

In addition, here is the source code to another nawk script written by Mark, this one when run according to the instructions included in its commented areas at the top of its script, serves as the slides used during the presentation. And, the following PDF file serves as one of the most complete awk reference guides available on the Internet.

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